Rules & Regulations
Important note to the parent and student:
Parent should know that rules and regulations are made for betterment of your children. Ahinsa International School is committed for the holistic development of the children and their safety and security. School will always give priority to betterment of child than others.
If any parent receives any report or complain from the child about any kind of abuse especially sexual abuse by any of the employed person with the school immediately inform the Principal so that school can take an action with the law.
1. A student is expected to be present in school on every working day. Students with minimum 80% presence will have permission for appearing in examinations. He/She should not remain absent without intimation to teacher/ Principal.
2. For longer leaves of more than 2 days permission from Principal should be obtained.
3. In case of sickness, parent should present a copy of treatment or medical certificate with the application.
4. Leaves during examinations will not be allowed. If student fails to appear in exam no re-exam will be conducted. Only in case of medical emergency re – examination can be conducted after submitting medical certificate of Medical Officer.
5. If any child remains absent for more than 05 days without any intimation his/ her name will be strucked off.
6. Parent should pay the fees at regular time as per the given schedule. First installment should be paid at the time of admission or by 30/6/2019 and Second Installment should be paid by 01/11/2019. Parents should understand that the school is entirely dependent on the fees paid by you so it should be paid on time.
7. In case of late payment of the fees Rs. 500/- per month penalty (Late Fees) will be chargeable for every installment. Parents should pay the fees on time to avoid late fees charges.

8. Student should come to school in proper uniform daily.There will be two uniforms for every child. One is formal regular and another is sports uniform. Without uniform no child will be given entry to the school. Students should wear regular formal uniform with black shoes on National festivals Independence Day (15th August) and Republic Day (26th January).
9. The uniform should be clean, ironed. Shoes must be polished and lessed properly.Black shoes will go with regular formal uniform and White shoes will go with sports uniform.
10. The girls should either make two plaits with ribbon (Black with formal and white with sports uniform) or they should be in proper haircut.
11. Any kind of religious uniform or dress is not allowed in the school.
12. Student ID card is an important part of uniform. Every child should have it while in the school. New admissions should bring temporary ID card issued by the school.
13. Arrival time for students in the school is 7:40 am. They must reach 5 – 10 minutes prior to the campus. Once the school gate is closed they will have to go back to home. No excuse for late arrival will be entertained.
14. No student will be allowed to go home for half day excepting health reasons. If the child falls ill in the school the parents will be informed immediately and then they can come to pick them.
15. The school provide only first aid to the children in case they get injured or ill. We will not provide any treatment without parents’ presence. Parent should inform about their child’s health problem to the school in prior for better take care of them.
16. Every student should maintain the discipline during the school hours and outside the school campus while travelling through buses.
17. No child should use abusive language to anyone.Along with that they are not supposed to involve any unlawful activity in or around the school campus or during travelling through school buses.
18. Anyone found involved in activities mentioned in point no 16 and 17will be suspended for min 3 days and maximum 10 days or may be issued school leaving certificate immediately.
19. No student should be involved in bullying or ragging. If anyone found doing so will be issued leaving certificate immediately.
20. The student should respect the teachers and other nonteaching staff and peers.
21. The student should not harm the school property. If found making damage or stealing the school properties strict action will be taken and damage cost should be paid by the Parent.
22. The schedule for entire academic session is given in prior to the parent along with the syllabus and schedule of cyclic tests. Parents should have a note on it to follow strictly.
23. Every child should complete his/ her Home work within given time line and should submit to the teacher.
24. Students should bring healthy food in their lunch boxes. Only vegetarian food is allowed in school. Snacks, packed food, Junk Food are not allowed in lunch. Lunch schedule for students has been given in the calendar which should be followed strictly.
25. Every child should finish their lunch.
26. Parents are requested to give the lunch boxes to their child
but if they are leaving the tiffin late to the school they should mention the name, class and division on the lunch bag and it should be given in the school before 10:30am compulsorily.
27. Parents will not be allowed in class rooms in any condition during the school hours. Any kind of harsh talking with any of the school staff (teaching or nonteaching) or management people and neucense will not be tolerated.
28. Parent will not be allowed to resolve the issues of the children created in the school directly with the children. In such cases parents should report to the teachers or the principal.

29. The teachers will be available to the parents on Saturdays between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm in school campus.
30. The Principal will be available daily 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If parents want to meet at other time they have to ask for an appointment by mentioning the subject of appointment.
31. Whenever is needed parent will be called to school and they should come.
32. School organizes Parent Meets and Open Housed at various times. Parents are requested to attend these compulsorily. Answer sheets of various assessments can be seen by the parents only during the open houses organized for that assessment. Parent’s requests for showing answer copies will not be entertained after or before open house.
33. Children should not bring any electronic gadget like Mobile Phone, Tablets, Laptops, i-pods, USB drives, calculators, expensive watches, Bluetooth devises etc. to the school. If found, it will be seized forever.
34. Children should not wear or bring any expensive ornaments. In case of loss responsibility lies with the student and parent. Big wrist watches, ear rings, nose rings are strictly not allowed. 35. Students are not allowed by bikes, scooters or their own vehicles in school campus.
36. Students should not bring money to school if it is not asked to bring.
37. School celebrates birthdays of every child in morning assembly enthusiastically. Parent can send their ward in colourful dress on their special day. Children can distribute chocolates to their peers not more than Rs. 1/-. No one will be allowed to celebrate birthday in the class separately by distributing cake or expensive return gifts in the school campus.

School reserves the right to change the rules when required to do so or as per the instructions of managing committee.