Children are able to retain the knowledge for longer when they experiments, research and teaching in front of their eyes. When they observe various things and carryout different experiments and research, their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply about those theories and concept. The knowledge that kids attain in class rooms would be ineffectual unless they actually observe and understand the concept. Our school combines classrooms teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly.
Science Lab
“Science can survive through question and child is the ultimate source of it hence the child is first scientist.” At Ahinsa International School we are discovering an inborn scientist in every child.Well-equipped Science Labs are an integral part of the learning process. This is where the curious minds of the students are put to test.They can explore the principles of universe here and find answers to their questions.
Computer Lab:
Computer and IT has connected our small fingers to the universe. We have developed our IT curriculum in such a way that the child spends more time in practical. Our students prepare the website; blogs and even their own YouTube channels to promote their products. IT implementation in the school:
Our Rooms are equipped with Educomp Smart Class where the students can feel the content present in the books around them.
The school has implemented IT applications on a very advanced scales. We have developed and Online exam system for the students to prepare them for various international and national competitive examinations. To make the parents aware about daily homework we are using the Homework App for Android phones. Parents are now going to get the information of their ward’s progress on their mobile phone with a single tap.
Maths Lab:
“Maths is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms it is about understanding.” Maths is a subject to understand and practice. This understanding can come when children enjoy the maths. At our school our student’s activities in maths now called Maths Lab as they think here, they put their logic to solve the problems and they create their own projects with innovative ideas.